Interactive Lessons

Lessons are highly interactive eBooks that come complete with flashcards, glossary, quizzes, knowledge checks, videos. uCertify lessons support 50+ interactive activities such as smart chat, drag and drop, hot spot and select & to keep learners engaged and make learning fun.

Here is what you get:

Flashcard & Glossary

Flashcards help master the key concepts and glossary defines the key terms so that you have an understanding of the technical terms you will see in the course and real-life situations.

Flashcards are delivered in three ways - Classic, Fill in the blanks, and Quiz: Classic - In the Classic type, you have to study the term or question on the card and recall its definition or answer. Now, flip the card to review the explanation by clicking on the card or by using the 'Next' button in the navigation bar to assess your understanding. Grade yourself accordingly by choosing appropriate options on the navigation bar.


Fill in the blanks - In Fill in the blanks, you have to study the definition and type the right term in the space given. If you don't get it right, the definition will be asked again. Quiz - In the Quiz type, you have to study the term and select the correct definition from the options given. If you don't get it right, the term will be asked again. These 3 modes make learning more effective and provide a timely revision of the descriptive topics in a short span of time. So ease down your revision issues with the uCertify Flashcards embedded in each lesson of uCertify courses


Ensure you have learned.

Knowledge Checks

At the end of the section to text your knowledge.


Embedded through the lesson and accessible through its own section. Transcript. Navigation.

Deeply lined Labs, Test Prep and Assessments

In addition, hands-on labs can be embedded in the ebook so that learners can try what they have just learned.uCertify Lessons offer flashcards and quizzes in chapters with unlimited attempts.

Learn your way

Learners can bookmark a lesson’s content, rate their confidence on specific topics, and write notes about sections. Learners can also highlight the content and research usingWikipedia or Google, create flashcards while going through the lesson. A reading indicator lets the educator know if a student has reviewed a certain section of the lesson.

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